Kure Beach Progressive Association

By Brenda Coffey

The Kure Beach Progressive Association was formed on December 31, 1945 for the purpose of improving conditions at Kure Beach. Items of concern included, fire protection, garbage collection, sanitation conditions and street lighting. There was great interest from the citizens and all readily volunteered to help. Mr. L. C. Kure stated he would provide water and fittings if volunteers would help. There was a need for 500 feet of hose for temporary safety, and plans were made to secure a fire truck. Photographs were taken of ponds, ditches and other places of stagnation along with a signed petition to be taken by the ladies and presented to the County Commissioners requesting their assistance in solving this problem. The Ways and Means Committee began planning turkey dinners, dances, shows and bingos as fund raisers. Much attention was given to include all residents and any interested persons in these improvement efforts. Results were gratifying. On February 26, 1946 the City of Wilmington announced they would loan a fire truck to Kure Beach, and the training of volunteer firemen was ready to proceed. Water and fire hoses had been secured, Mr. L. C. Kure had donated a lot for a fire department, and a building had been located to house the equipment. Plans for garbage collection and street lighting were progressing, and the County was investigating the problems associated with drainage. This Association paved the way for the incorporation of the Town of Kure Beach.