New Yoga Class Begins Next Week

Town of Kure Beach, NC Events

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Kure Beach Yoga is excited to offer a new opportunity to practice building resilience and to help train your body and nervous system to bounce back from stress and illness. This new weekly class, Yoga for Resilience, begins 9am Tuesday, September 6th. 

Class opens with a period of 'yin' yoga, where longer holds for 'deep stretch' postures will be offered to build flexibility and nourish connective tissue. A dynamic, endurance building vinyasa flow (yang) follows. The session concludes with a restorative yoga practice where guided meditation and breath work will be interwoven. This class is approximately 60 minutes. Carla Ann interweaves her knowledge of therapeutic yoga throughout for a rejuvenating and healing practice designed to sooth and strengthen. 

Class meets on the Ocean Front Park stage. Please bring your yoga mat and a large beach towel. Modifications will be offered for all levels and beginners are welcome. Preregistration is required as space is limited. Pay what you can is always available. 10 class punch cards can be purchased in person for $90. Inquiries can be made on the Facebook page or website, 

Ocean Front Park