The Citizen Advisory Group on traffic flow and safety is seeking your input and ideas on the following items listed below. Suggestions should not cause an increase in taxes or manpower requirements. Feedback may be sent by email to or dropped at Town Hall.

Pedestrians - Use of bike path, Visibility (clothing), Use of crosswalks, Crossing at intersections

Timing of Events - Ocean Front Park activities, Activities on Federal, State & local property

Bike Safety - Use of bike path, time of activity, clothing color, reflectors/lights, direction of movement

Speed Control - Stop sign placement, Speed bumps, Speed limit signage

Physical - Intersection line of sight obstruction, Vegetation, Garbage/Recycle carts, Supersize vehicles, Contour of the land at an intersection and placement of parking spaces at certain locations, Determine the need for greater line of sight requirements in problem areas

Data Collection & Evaluation

Parking spots and their potential impact on KBCAG's objectives

Accidents - Time, Location, Contributing factors

Options for traffic light operation

Determination of the contributing factors to traffic logjams and potential action for easing